Facebook Page gets a lift...

I gave my Facebook page cover a little lift yesterday, somehow it's much easier to work on other people's designs than my own. Does anyone else feel the same?

Anyway, thought i'd show you the new look.

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Mission Find Snow {accomplished!}

 This afternoon (after hearing about snow all day on Twitter and Facebook!) Farmboy and I headed out into the cold in search of some white powder for ourselves.

But alas, in our cold corner of KZN it seemed like everyone had the same idea...

Never-the-less, there was plenty of snow to go around...

Time spent in the cold is never complete without hot chocolate! And watery hot choc made with lots of love but not much flavour by yours truly...priceless


Did you find any snow today? I heard Joburg had lots! Sorry Durbs and Cape Town, none for you today I'm afraid :) xxx

Celebrating my Engagement with a *Spot of Tea*

My lovely friends organised my a little {surprise} tea party to celebrate my recent engagement. I say {surprise} in brackets, because I had to go an ruin the surprise by trying to control everything, as per usual (*Farmboy, I promise to curb my insatiable need to be in control of everything all the time, before we are married!) Most of these shots were taken by my very special friend, and wonderful bridesmaid, Kayleigh...thank you to each and every one of you ladies, it was perfect!


He asked and I said *Yes*

On Sunday 11th March 2011 Dale Hutton (aka Farmboy) got down on one knee at the base of a beautiful waterfall and asked me to marry him...it sounds like the end of a movie, and to be honest, right now it feels like I am in one. I have been unable to stop myself grinning like a fool whenever I glance down at my left hand, or when my phone crashes from too many Facebooks 'likes'. I want to try and capture the moment again for all my readers who would like to know the how's and the why's. Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the photo's...

A few *before* shots:

Even at this stage I had no idea what was in store for me, I just knew I was being taken to a place where I needed my swimming costume (plus I saw out fishing rods in the car and was therefore slightly disappointed *hehe*)

Where did my Farmboy take me for the day?? None other than one of the largest and most luxurious day spa's in Africa...Karkloof Spa!! This, I thought, had to have been the big suprise. I really was not expected what came next...

Always snapping away with Instagram :) 

Little stroll around while our driver repaired the flat tire on our Game Drive vehicle :)

Getting deep and reflective (well actually just catching my breath and cooling down after the very *long* and humid walk to the waterfall!) Completely unprepared for what followed...

And *After*...

I wasn't crying at this point, rather jumping up and down on the spot while Dale struggled to get me to keep still to put the ring on my finger...

Dale had written this little note and hidden inside a little teddy bear he had made for me over a year and half ago...at this point the tears just streamed down my face. Dale Hutton...I am so in love with you!!!

A little celebratory gift left for us by our driver :)

BIG smiles all around... 

And there you have it. A real fairtytale ending to a most perfect day. 
From now on I am also going to use the blog to document the whole planning process of our Wedding. We have set a date in September, so that leaves 6 months to plan plan plan. Stay tuned for lots of pictures, advice, and most of all *idea's*