Today is our last photo challenge for the year! Well done to everyone who submitted a photo...they really are, ummm, well...Festive!

Every week, the team is given a theme (each team member is given a chance to choose the theme for the week) and then each person has 7 days to take the perfect picture. It can be as edited or as natural as you like, the only rule is it has to be submitted to me by Sunday evening (South African time) so that I can get the post up asap on Sunday night/early Monday morning! 

We will be continuing in the New Year, and if you would like to be a part of our weekly photograph challenge you can drop me an email here
Here are this weeks submission for the theme {Festive}
Taken by: Cayleigh
Taken by: Megs
"Christmas in a snow globe"
Taken by: Natalie
Taken by: Vicky
"Christmas treats!"
Taken by: Roxy

Christmas Wrapping {Inspiration}

A little wrapping inspiration for you today from Facil y Sencillo.

I will be doing more of these posts, to help you get those creative juices flowing for wrapping your Christmas gifts. 


Write here, Write now...

Check it out now, funk soul brother, right about now, funk soul brother...Ok I got a little carried away there and now that song is stuck in my head (and now probably yours too!) but I was just so excited to show off my Christmas prezzie from Farmboy. I have been searching high and low for one of these baby's that actually works. I am proud to introduce to you, my very own, complete with old lady smell, Smith Corona Typewriter:

So many of my family members think I've lost the plot when i unwrapped this present. "Why on earth would a young, ipad loving techno savvy person want something as ancient as this" my dad asked me. And the answer, I just do. There ain't nothing like typing out a letter on a good old fashioned typewriter. Anyone else share my love for archaic writing machines?

*Merry Christmas* See you soon!

Wishing all my readers a very happy Christmas and a wonderful start to the New Year. I am at this moment enjoying the sun, sea and sand of Ballito and will be back at the beginning of January.
See you soon!




CityGirl xxx

Christmas wrapping idea's...

I came across these photo's on the lovely Decora8 blog. I just couldn't resist posting them seeing as Christmas is just around the corner. And I think homemade wrapping is just so much more special! Photo's taken by Leslie Shewring over at A Creative Mint