Flat White Concepts {Magazine}

I was so excited to get in touch with Christine from Flat White Concepts about being involved in one of her online magazine editions. After some creative email brainstorming, Farmboy and I decided to write up our recent road trip from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg and include a bunch of Instagram pics. If you'd like to read the full article, then head on over to Flat White Concepts to read their free online magazine (we are in the June edition).

Christine, thanks so much for including me in your wonderful magazine! I look forward to hopefully contributing more (even if it will be from Asia!).

Camping in the Bush

This past weekend, Farmboy and our friends Cayleigh and Byron headed off to Bonamanzi Game Reserve {a two hour drive from Ballito} for some camping, birding, and general relaxing. This was of course after watching the preview of Twilight at Gateway {the best of the series!!}.

I spent most of the time reading, while the rest of the gang spotted and identified a multitude of majestic winged creatures. Me and Mr Stephen King had some catching up to do :)

A Farmboy in Ethiopia...

Farmboy got back from Ethiopia last week where he was away on business for 16 days  (he was in Sierra Leone 3 weeks ago, click here to see those photo's of his trip).

There aren't many words to aptly describe his trip to you, so I am rather leaving you with the following photographs.