The Face Shop ~ Chia Seed Collection {revi


As with every other thing I have bought here in South Korea, the skin care products are packaged beautifully. Even the biscuits are individually wrapped here (a nightmare for the rubbish dumps ~ although recycling here is top notch). I was really good about not packing too many products for our move here. I 'held' back and only brought the bare minimum (a post on the 'bare minimum' to follow soon) and so was eager to try a new skin care range once we settled in.

My absolute favorite brand of cosmetics/skin care here in Korea is The Faceshop. I buy all my nail polishes there, as well as my concealer. They are currently having a massive sale in all stores (here in Korea...sorry everyone else!). I picked up a toner, moisturizer and 'oil free' setting gel. Mmm, setting gel? I hadn't heard of that before either, but I will explain here.

Chia seeds are becoming one of the biggest so-called super foods on the market. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and high in antioxidants, protein and fiber.I was unaware of these seeds seeing these products, and after all the research I've been doing, I'm on the hunt for them to ass to my cereal and smoothies in the morning.

Chai Seed Watery Toner

"A moisturising toner for hydrating inside the skin with organically grown chai seed"

I just love that description, for

inside the skin

as opposed to outside the skin :) Anyway, I use this after cleansing my skin, and either apply it with cotton wool, or using my hands straight onto the skin. Its light, removes makeup and oil from my skin, and leaves a light, summery fragrance that I can't quite put my finger on. Either way, its lovely and refreshing.

The back of the box describes this product as "a natural moisture drop absorbing moisture 10 times its own weight" how cute :)

Chai Seed Watery Lotion

A light, easily absorbed moisturizing lotion, perfect for hot summer days (and the 100% humidity here in Korea. Easy to  blend into the skin, my oily/combination skin, and interestingly enough, I have been told that oily/combination skin still needs constant hydration. This lotion is light, doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky afterwards, and does a good job with maintaining a mate appearance for the first few hours of the day. It has been doing a much better job of reducing shine, while still moisturizing my skin, than my IQ Clear Start Oil Free Clearing moisturizer which really battled in the Korean humidity. I was left looking like an oily mess by 10 o'clock. I don' think this lotion will be enough when winter comes around though, but by then I'm sure I'll be on the lookout for something new anyway.

Chai Seed Sebum Control Moisture Control

"A moisture cream that replenishes skin with moisture while preventing excess sebum
Uses good seeds and good technology that make the extracts fresh and is also good for the environment
A clear, mild cream
Real oil-zero
Uses 100% chia seed extract instead of water"

Well that just sounds amazing right?! This clear gel is refreshing, and when worn alone leaves my skin shine free for just about the whole day. When worn with my foundation, my skin tends to shine up on my T-zone area. I usually carry my MAC Studio Fix powder to zap the shine in its tracks. But when worn without any foundation, my skin stays shine free all day...wonderful! Again, I love the product description on the packaging. Applying a gel is quite a different experince, and in the heat here, a very welcome one. My face feels refreshed, radiant and supple. And in true Korean style, you cant possible only 1 lotion type product. The trick (and they do have incredible skin and NEVER look their age) is to use all 8 steps in the range of products. I starting with 4.


Overall I have been thrilled with my purchases, all coming to W43 000 (R380) on sale at the FaceShop. 

I'm after the Essence & Eye cream next.

Have you ever tried any Asian/Korean skin brands before?

{South Korea & Japan were the home to BB creams before the trend hit South African soil..these Koreans know their stuff when it comes to skincare and makeup!}

Korean coffee shops...

This weekend hubby and I went off exploring one of the big cities surrounding our rice paddy town. Bright lights and glitzy stores, we felt like we were in the middle of New york (or at least somewhere very exciting) as everyday life in Buan (our town) is far from glitzy. We stumbled across this incredibly cute little cafe, while taking cover from the rain. Why aren't there more of these sorts of places back home in South Africa? Maybe thats what Farmboy and I will do when we get back, open up some Korean Cafe's...hmmm.

Don't you just love the name...'No Riter'? Koreans, as most Asians, struggle with their 'r' and 'l's and so what I'm sure is supposed to say "No Litter" becomes, well 'No Riter'...cute man.

Pretty in Pink {Pinspiration}

Some pretty pinks for you today. These images take me back to afternoons filled with tea parties and dress-ups, secret games in the garden...fairies and ballerinas. 

Sourced from Jenny's Pink board on Pinterest.


{Cute Kitties} Sharon Montrose

Seriously?! I don't even have words for the amount of cuteness in each and every one of these photographs, and these are just the kitties...there are lions and tigers and bears oh my!






"Melding her passion for photography with her love of animals, Sharon Montrose's definitive photographic style has made her one of the most sought-after commercial photographers specializing in animals for over a decade. In addition to eleven published photography books to her credit, Sharon shoots for some of the world’s foremost pet industry brands. Her animal series photographs are part of numerous public and private collections, including The Sir Elton John Photography Collection and have been awarded recognition by Communication Arts, Photo District News, The Art of Photography, Hey, Hot Shot!, and the International Photography Awards."

Sharon sells an incredible collection of prints through her online store {The Animal Print Shop} and I want each and every single one. See more about Sharon here.

{Me and my Desk}

I'm spending some time here today, brainstorming and thinking about future creative ventures. It's so cold here in Pietermaritzburg, but its a beautiful clear morning full of so many possibilities. Go on a grab life with both hands today!

{Buttercup Collectibles} at the Retro Vintage Festival in Durban 27 April!

Come join me at the Vintage Festival happening in Durban on Saturday 27th April at 9h00 at the DLI Hall.
I will be there with my stall {Buttercup Collectibles} selling lots of lovely vintage pieces and collectibles (think typewriters, books, kitchen pieces and glass jars!).
I will be putting up photo's of what will be for sale on my Facebook Page later on this week, so make sure to stop on over there.

Don't forget to tell all your friends about the event...there will be a market from 9h00 - 13h00 and a Fifties Dance from 18h00 - 22h00.
I look forward to seeing you all there!

{Pop on over to my Facebook Page *click here* for more info!}

Love Mae {blog & shop}

"Love Mae... Pleasure to meet you, charmed, I'm sure!
It really is a pleasure to bring such lovely products to the homes and bedrooms of people who see life a little bit differently.
Love a little bit more passionately, live a little more recklessly and nurture a little more deeply. It is you that notices the precious detail in life and enjoys the moments that are truly important.
We are lovers of what we do and hope that you feel this through our colour palette, quality and environmental decisions.
We hope that you too fall in love with mae.
Love Emily and Peta x"

I stumbled across this gorgeous blog a few months ago, and the prettiness was just too much not to share. Thanks to the lovely free downloads, my desktop has never looked this good!
Pop on over to the blog (click here) and the shop (click here) to feast your eyes on more.
Aren't these wall decor stickers just too gorgeous for words?!

Lovely Wedding Details {inspiration}

A little bit of wedding decor inspiration for you this afternoon.
For me, it's all about the details...

Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

This lovely, skin smoothing sea salt scrub was made for me by my lovely sister in law. And not only does it work like a charm, its so pretty to look at too.

Have any of you tried to make your own scrub before? There's nothing better than home made prezzies!

Christmas Wrapping {Inspiration}

A little wrapping inspiration for you today from Facil y Sencillo.

I will be doing more of these posts, to help you get those creative juices flowing for wrapping your Christmas gifts. 


Goodies from {Typo}

If you have yet to wander around the awesome Cotton On store in Sandton, then you better get yourself there in time for their gorgeous range of summer dresses and prints, and shoes and accessories and and and!
AND Cotton On stocks Typo, the coolest range of stationery and other desk must haves ever. Not only are their goodies gorgeous, but their prices are so reasonable!
Here is the latest to add to my collection:
{A4 Journal: R189}
{A4 2013 Diary: R89.99}

Rosehurst Tea Garden {Pietermaritzburg}

Whenever my mom pops into Pietermaritzburg to visit me, we head down to Rosehurst for tea (and usually something yummy to nibble on too). It's such a tranquil place to sip tea, read a book, update your antique collection, or take a stroll through the perfectly manicured will feel as though you've stepped into another world.

With so many rooms to browse, make sure your purse is at the ready. A bookshop, a chocolate menagerie, a china room full of gorgeous collectibles and a cafe bursting with yummy flavors...I never leave empty handed :)

My lovely mom! 
239 Boom Street, Pietermaritzburg
033 394 1443

Meet {Amy Borrell}

Amy Borrell is a freelance Illustrator and Designer based in Melbourne.
She has a BA in Design (Honours) from RMIT and spends her days working
on all kinds of lovely projects with clients across publishing, fashion and 
retail; whilst drinking lots of tea!

{You can visit her blog here and click here to visit her shop to own some prettiness for yourself}

If you have ever read the Frankie Magazine (you really should if you haven't, you can get yourself a copy here) you would definitley spy her illustrations throughout the magazine, as well as their 2012 Journal.

How lovely is her work! I want to have all her illustrations framed and hanging all over my house...



I wanted to share these beautiful images from one of my favourite blogs, A Creative Mint. Each and every photograph leaves me feeling more and more inspired. I hope they do the same for you.

This collection came from her colour inspired set of posts entitled *Spring*

Have a wonderful Sunday


I've had a few friends and readers ask me where I got the coloured straws that I used at our wedding, so I thought I'd do a little post on them :)
There aren't many places that sell them, especially in the Pietermaritzburg area (you can get them at the decor/party shop at the Cascades centre here in Pietermaritzburg, but they are pretty pricey there). On the other hand, pop online and order them from In Good Company ...they have loads of different colours too!
Here are some snaps of my little collection

Pretty for a Saturday...{Happiness Is}

Aren't these illustrations just lovely? All done by local freelance designer, illustrator & blogger Fathima. I want them all printed and block mounted in my home :)

Click here to see her blog, and get in contact with her for any design work you might be wanting, or even just to tell her how great you think her work is (like I just did!). Yay for local talent!


{Inspiration} Thank you gifts

At the August I Heart Market in Durban, I spotted these really pretty vinyl stickers on little jars at the Little Mud Hut Designs stall.  I was immediately struck with what a cute gift they would make. My mind ran wild with images of buttons, ribbon & lace. These little guys were a gift from Vanessa (who is just the sweetest lady, and the brains behind the Little Mud Hut Designs). I am planning on using these to say thank you to some special friends who have been invaluable to me during the wedding planning. 

I also filled them with some pretty pieces I found at Mr Price, but really, you could fill them with anything {even ingredients to make hot chocolate or chocolate chip cookies would look amazing in these jars}. Why not reuse & recycle by visiting your local thrift store (my favourite is the Hospice and SPCA shops right here in Pietermaritzburg) and get crafty with all the different sizes and shapes of glass bottles there.