Our Wedding {flowers}

Here are the flowers that I/we chose for our wedding in September last year. I didn't want anything over the top, but opted for simple and pretty, with a little bit of a farm feel thrown in.
I had two wonderful local Creighton ladies help me with the flowers (as well as all the 
 and arranging), Gail & Rene, you ladies are just the bees knees!

The flowers all came from Midlands Flower Hub (at Southgate Mall in Pietermaritzburg). Cathy was wonderful to work with and really helped make the rose choices easy peasy!

I had begged, borrowed and scavenged loads and loads of glass bottles for the flowers (anything and everything from All gold bottles, to salt and pepper grinders, to vases and wine bottles!) and I was so very happy with how it all worked out.

{photographer: Jacki Bruniquel}

Our Wedding (bouquets)

For my wedding bouquets I spent hours on sites like Pinterest, 100 Layer Cake & The Pretty Blog trying to find the perfect photograph that contained all my idea's. But as so often happens when you have too many idea's, I was left overwhelmed and no closer to finding the perfect combination of flowers. Eventually Gail (half of my wonderful flower team) suggested meeting at the florist and playing around with different flower combinations and seeing what made my heart flutter...what a fantastic idea that was!

However, 2 weeks before our wedding (click here for more of our wedding photo's!), the flowers I had ordered weren't available and, to cut a long story short, I just told Gail to do her best with what we had.

And...I couldn't have been more delighted with what I ended up with.

It was pretty, soft, elegant and pastel!

I had always wanted my bridesmaids to have paper flowers, and had planned to make them myself. That was until I saw Denise's paper roses at the I Heart Market in Durban 2 months before the wedding. Denise, owner of Freshly Found in Durban was so wonderful and I ended up ordering 20 of her finest roses! And I was thrilled at how they came out...thank you Denise, they were everything I had hoped for and more!

{Photographer: Jacki Bruniquel}
{Flowers: Midlands Flower Hub Pietermaritzburg}
{Paper Roses: Freshly Found}

Our Wedding {The Ceremony}

{photo's by Jacki Bruniquel}

{Candles in the Barn rented all the way from Joburg from Rent a Candle}

{Confetti was dried Erika (lovely purple flower that looks a little like Lavender) very environmentally friendly!}

{Chandelier hand made by my Step Dad}

{Our Wedding} Official Photographs

Finally, I am able to pop these photo's up! All of these incredible photo's were taken by the talented Jacki Bruniquel, thanks so much Jax, Farmboy and I are so glad that we picked you to capture our special day.

 Here are a few highlights...

{I will be posting lots more in time and under particular headings with lots of tips for other bides-to-be!}

A little context for new readers...Farmboy and I chose to get married on his family dairy farm in the small town of Creighton, just outside Ixopo, KZN. He proposed in March this year and so began 6 months of prepping and planning and convincing my Dad that yes, I really did want to get married amoungst the cows! 

Words can't even begin to explain the hard work that was done by family and friends to get the barn and the shed ready for our big day. You see, the farm is a real life working farm. The Shed (where we had our reception) is the home to the calves after they have been removed from their mums. The Barn (where our ceremony took place) was used for storage and the shearing of sheep, as well as the home to a very special little owl.

So, with that in mind, Farmboy and his Dad set about hand crafting all 18 tables, I set about sourcing vintage plates, knives and forks, champagne glasses and mahogany tiffany chairs (who would have ever thought this things would be so hard to get hold of!) and so began the wedding prep!

To everyone that lent a hand, an afternoon or even an entire month to help make our dreams come true, we love you all so much, and it would never have been possible without you!

Our Wedding Venue...{The Set Up}

Here are a few gorgeous photo's from our special friend Sophie of Sophie Smith Photography

(if you can remember, Soph did our engagement shoot a few months back and we were thrilled with the photographs...these are no exception!). 

Sophs, thank you for capturing these special moments, and for being on hand to help out with all of the preparations!! 

These photo's will give you a little bit of an idea of all the hard work that went on behind the scenes to make our dream venue a reality. These are just photo's from The Shed. The Barn, where our ceremony was held was a little dark to capture properly, so will post those as well as all the official piccies from our photographer Jacki Bruniquel soon!

These lovely ladies were incredible with my flowers! Thank you Gail & Ren!!!! Lots and lots of love to you two! x

serious face, arranging those bird cages was hard work you know ;)

My Farmboy, making his handmade tables just right

Crockery was hired from 

A Vintage Affair

 in Joburg! They were so delightfully perfect on the tables, I was thrilled!

The Hutton Brothers, enjoying some tea!

Weather proofing The Shed! The day before the wedding it poured with rain! We were so worried the same would happen on the day, but it was all sunny clear sky's on our Big day!

Tea break time!

Tired busy bee's!

Heart Bunting {wedding DIY}

In the search for the perfect bunting for our wedding {and the cheapest we could get our hands on!} my soon-to-be Aunty Marina had a wonderful idea while perusing down the aisles of Makro. Let's make our own! Ok, I thought not really that original. Let's make our own using paper plates! Um, I thought, now you're getting somewhere...

Here's what resulted from our trip to Makro:

Easy peasy lemon squeezey! I have done a post a while ago on making your own fabric bunting (click here) but I think that these make a nice change don't you think?! 

{Before} The Shed & The Barn

Here are some photo's of the shed (which was to become our reception venue) and barn (our chapel/ceremony venue) before all the wedding prep began. The shed was where the calves were kept after being seperated from their mommy's (Farmboy's parents own a dairy farm, hence the cows) and the barn was being used as a place to shear the sheep and keep bits of junk. Still, even with all that 'natural' stuff (ahem cow & owl droppings) going on, the true beauty of the place is undeniable :)

The Shed...

The Barn...

T minus 1 day!

This time tomorrow, all my bridesmaids will have had their hair and makeup done, and my makeup artists will be starting their work on me! Such excitement happening on this end of the world! Here is a little pic of me doing what I do best, drinking tea! It's always good to take a break every once in a while and appreciate the little things.

It poured with rain last night and I had a very sleepless night worrying about The Shed and whether Farmboy and his groomsmen had done a good enough job of weather proofing it. I'm off this morning to see for myself what damage was done!

 To my left is my very soon to be sister in law Natalie, and of course my very handsome fiance...

Wedding Hair & Makeup {sneak peek)

Yesterday I went for a full hair and makeup trial with Makeup Your Mind in Durban. I had spent hours on Pinterest and wedding blogs like100 layer cakeThe Pretty BlogRuffled & a lovely South African wedding blog South Bound Bride trying to find the perfect style that suits both me and my dress, and then makeup to match.  I was feeling pretty frazzled about the whole thing. I took everything I had to my appointment, and my makeup artist asked me a few questions, had a squizz at my pic's and got busy! I am thrilled to say she has given me exactly what I was after from the beginning...something a little sexy, pretty, and different all rolled into one!

Here a few very sneak peek's, I can't risk Farmboy having a look and seeing me all done up before the big day (which is next weekend!!!!)

*all photo's taken by my super talented mom! Thank you mommy for spending 2 hours photographing every strand of hair and eye lash...I <3 you!*

#HuttonWedding...2 weeks to go!

Yesterday marked the two week countdown to our wedding...eek! Here are a few snaps of our time spent on the farm cutting, hammering, sticking, tying and general DIYing in preparation for our big day. A huge thank you to everyone involved, I hope I wasn't too 'Bridezilla' like in my demands :)

Choosing Flowers for your Wedding...

The task of choosing the who, what, when and where for the flowers for our wedding in September has been one that I have been putting off for a while. But, it is one of the most important things to decide on, as the flowers add to the whole mood of the wedding. Luckily for me, I have a lovely local lady who is helping me to make those decisions, and who is going to be actually doing the flowers as well as my bouquet on the day!

She suggested starting with a trip to the local flower shop and to grab a bucket. Start by picking up every flower that catches your eye, and see what works for you. Don't forget to find out what flowers will be available on the day/during that season and make sure to plan ahead when arranging delivery of the flowers. If the weather looks like it's going to cool the week before the wedding, then you can collect your flowers up to a week before the day to make sure they stay fresh. If it looks like it's going to be a scorcher, best make sure there's a cold room in the area to keep those blooms looking good for your big day. 

A weekend of {wedding DIY}

Last weekend was spent with sanders, nails, hammers, paint and of course multiple cups of coffee as Farmboy and I got our hands dirty in preparation for our wedding in September. The first few photo's show our awesome yellow wood sideboard (which will hold all our dessert at the wedding) and the last few shots of of the door to the barn (where our ceremony will be). The only problem with getting started, is that we realise just how much we still have to do to make all our idea's happen...eek!

Sneak Peek {Wedding Invites}

A sneak peek of our wedding invites from the lovely ladies at Ruby and the Swallow (they also did our Save the Dates too!)...we are so happy with them...I can't wait to show them to you once they have all been handed out!

Planning a Location Wedding...{4 months before}

{Image Source}
One of the greatest hurdles when planning a location wedding (a location wedding being a wedding not held at a specified venue that would organize the catering side of the event) is getting a caterer that can do the following:

a) cater for your number of guests (in our case 160- 180)

b) specializes in your particular food style

c) is able/happy to cater for your function at your location

d) is available!

Let me tell you something, to find someone who does all of the above is no easy feat! I spent many hours trawling the internet to find 'the one' and, after much frustration and anguish, was referred to Sarah from Harris and Homes in Durban.

Sarah has been incredible to work with so far, with a menu that includes the likes of "cream cheese stuffed dates skewered with parma ham" and "marinated lamb cutlets with coriander and honey" I am hoping that I have enough time in between greeting guests to fill my tummy!

Farmboy and I met with Sarah last weekend when she came to see the farm and chat to us about the logisitics of catering for the number of guests we are having. She was amazing at giving us loads of practical advice when it came to the many bumps and niggles we came across, while also giving us idea's for things we hadn't even thought about yet.

 Sarah, Farmboy and I are happy that you will be catering for us for our wedding, and we are so looking forward to the food!

The Harris & Homes website is under construction, but in the mean time you can contact Sarah direct on 074 183 8745

Our Wedding Tables...

Most 'normal' people look into hiring trestle tables for their wedding, especially when they are planning on having 160 guests. But I guess you wouldn't really call me normal then. In oder to fit in with our *country style/vintage feel/farmy* wedding, we both really wanted to have genuine antique wooden tables. This was slightly ridiculous considering we would be needing 16 of them! So, Farmboy and his Dad decided to do the next best thing...make them!

My Handsome Farmboy...I'm so lucky!! :)


Our Wedding Venue...The *Before* Photo's

*Sorry for this last post! Silly Ipad didn't actually post my pictures...So here you go!*

We are both thrilled to be having our venue on Farmboy's *working* dairy farm in the little town of Creighton,  Kwazulu Natal. Our ceremony will tale place in the Barn (complete with live Barn Owl who is wrecking havoc all over the walls!). Our reception will be in the shed, which is used as a calf nursery for the baby cows recently separated from their mommy's! 

Watch this space as we turn it into the venue of our dreams...

The Shed:

The Barn: