{Pietermaritzburg} 6 months on...

I have posted these photo's below before, but I loved them so much I felt the need to post them again! And, they kinda fit in with the title of this post.

6 months ago today I moved to the sleepy town (or so I thought) of Pietermaritzburg. I was only supposed to be here for 2 months, I had a job lined up with an awesome PR company in Jo'burg, I was to be their newest Social Media Manager. Here's what changed and what I've got up to in the last few months:

1. I got engaged!! So exciting! You can follow me and all my wedding plans here.

2. I registered with the University of Kwazulu Natal to do my Postgrad Certificate in Education...loving every second of it!

3. Started Buttercup Collectibles, which has it's own little piece of the action at the I Heart Market in Durban.

4. Moved into my own little flat (pictures to come soon! )

5. Started instructing spinning class at the new Virgin Gym here at Cascades.

6. Am in the process of getting pretty serious with my camera after these pictures (here's to future photography venture's!)

7. Have made some of the most lovely and special friends (most of whom I have met through the local  NCF Church).

8. Started a weekly photo-challenge with just myself and Farmboy, and which has grown to over 15 members (if you would like to join our team, just drop me a line at citygirlsearching{at}gmail{dot}com)

8. I have nearly finished exploring every single second hand/thrift/charity/antique store in the vicinity!

So there you have it, 6 months and counting. It sounds exhausting when I look back on my short time so far here in the Capital of KZN...but I'm oh so excited for the next 6 to come!


A student once more...The *University of Kwazulu Natal*

As of last week monday, I am now officially a student again! Yippee! This time at the University of Kwazulu Natal. After teaching in South Korea, I realised that that is where my heart lies and I need to be true to that. Thats why i have decided to do a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) this year, with my focus being in Foundation Phase Education (those are the cute little ones, from Grade R to Grade 3) basically the very start of 'big' school.

I've just finished my first week of practical work where I was placed in a wonderful private boys school here in Pietermaritzburg and loved every second of it. The rest of the year will be taken up with lectures, and 2 sets of intense 4 & 7 week teaching practical sessions at different schools. I am so excited :)

So when things seem a little slow on the blogging side, you now know why...

But along with that there are going to be a few other exciting projects happening here so 
*Watch This Space*


Holmes Brothers Delight...

Farmboy surprised me with this pretty hoodie a few weeks back, but it's been toooo hot here in Pietermaritzburg to take her out the cupboard. But with the weird weather thats been happening over the last few days, I thought it time to show her off.
I love the slightly edgy pattern, but being a CityGirl, it still incorporates my love the colour pink, but in a very different way :)

Farmboy found my prezzie at the awesome Pure in Maritzburg. She is part of the South African brand, Holmes Brothers, which was started by two brothers from the sunny shores of Durban, Kwazulu Natal. They had originally been  designing surfboards and then made the *obvious* leap into fashion. Click here to find out more about them and where you can get your paws on some of their other nice things,

 Now bring on those clouds and wind, I will be warm and toasty!

*Pure* Shopping Heaven....Pietemaritzburg

Whoever said there is nowhere to shop in Pietermaritzburg obviously missed out on Pure.
The store houses established and upcoming South African fashion designers, artists, up-cycled goodies and much, much more. You just have to take one peep in the door and you know you'll be staying for a while...so get those purses out ladies (and for the gents, there is just as much for you guys to check out!). 

But don't just take my word for it, go and see for yourself...

While taking these photo's, I spent some time chatting to Pure's owner, Chantal, who is just lovely! It's so inspiring meeting young people who are so positive about South Africa and the potential we have in out beautiful country. Chantal, I will be back for many more chat sessions :)

How gorgeous is this little ballerina tutu just for new borns?

Currently stocked: Amanda Laird Cherry, Colleen Eitzen, Suzaan Heyns, Holmes Brothers, Eb + Am, Silver Spoon, Cinimon, and Alternative Earth. 

Shop 4
Wetherly's Centre
120 Victoria Rd [Wetherley's Centre]

Mon - Fri 8:30am-5pm
Sat 9am-2pm


NCF Church and the 1920's...

If you stay in Pietermaritzburg or are passing through and happen to be here on a Sunday, why not stop by for a warm welcome at NCF Church. Here are some pic's from our end of year function, going back in time to the roaring twenties...

Homegrown goodness

These bad boys are all from Farmboy's very own veggie patch...

*Note: when/if eating greens from the garden, make sure to give everything a good wash first and to do a thorough *pest* search...we had to throw away a HuGe gem squash and baby pumpkin due to some nasty creatures.

A very proud Farmboy :)

Pair with some lemon and garlic cous-cous and a healthy side portion of spinach dessed in balsamic vinegar and you are a-for-away...enjoy!

 *those funny pink bits are actually ham....ya I know, sort of totally destroys the Veggie vibe but was yummy nonetheless :)

Mozying around Maritzburg

What does one get up to away from the hustle and bustle of a big city like Joburg? Well, take pictures of course...and roam around second hand stores looking for treasures :)

This picture was taken a few days before being sunk 7 kilometers into the depths of the ocean...sad hey