Getting {Korea} ready...

In one week, Farmboy and I will be heading off on a 3 year adventure, starting with a year or two in South Korea. As our departure date draws nearer, we are both filled with more excitment and butterflies  at the new life that lies before us. We have been to Korea before (we taught in the city of Daejeon back in 2010) and are now heading back there as a married couple.
We don't know which town we are going to (we will only find out when we land and meet our Provincial Office of Education) but we do know that we are going rural. Rice paddy rural. And to the province of Jenbuk. Here's a little map to put South Korea into perspective for you:
We are in the midst of heavy packing, and trying to decide what exactly the word 'essentials' means to both of us. Here is a little idea of what we have stocked up and has to fit into our two suitcases (along with clothes, toiletries, makeup, shoes, scarves, jackets, ski goggles, travel pillows, cameras, laptops and the list goes on) to last us for three years:
Anything else you think we should include?
If you would like to follow our adventures in Korea pop on over to our blog FarmboyandCityGirl
This blog will most definitely continue even though I'll be half way across the globe, so expect lots of interesting posts on life in Asia, the incredible fashion and style over there, and most importantly; the makeup and stationery!