Fabulous Photographer...*Sophie Smith*

I just could not keep my friend Sophie a secret any more. After she took these pic's of Farmboy and myself at a friends wedding:

I had to show you all some of her other work...

Sophie is an amazingly talented freelance photographer based in Grahamstown, in the Eastern Cape. She studied photojournalism at Rhodes and now works for the University Journalism Department. We met while studying and have been friends ever since.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for her...as I know she is going places.

If you'd like to see more of her work or contact her, click here So now I've give you a little taste of what she's about, stay tuned for the interview :)

Wabi-Sabi Cacti...

These sweet succulents most definitely caught my eye as I was wondering around the stores at the Village Green in Grahamstown this past week, and with such innovative packaging, who could resist!

These are on sale in Tent Number 1 at the Village Green :)

For more information on these and many more available at the Wabi-Sabi Succulent Nursery, email Celeste at wolmarans@geenet.co.za

*ThreadBear* Goodies

Also selling lovely hand-made goodies is the delightful Claire...cushions, sewing jars, brooches and so much more! Check out her wares in Tent Number 4!

Click here to visit her website and to find out more information on prices and other important info :)


Chic♥Revolution, a flea market styled decor store, has it's very own spot at the National Arts Festival Village Green, Grahamstown. Furniture, Decor, Linen & Gifts are what this store is all about...so head down to Tent Number 1 and feast your eyes...

Chic♥Revolution is based in Port Elizabeth, in the heart or Richmond Hill. Click here to have a squizz at their website where everything is available for purchase online, and click here to check out their facebook group! Local is lekker :)

Rain Rain Go Away!

Image from WeHeartIt
It rained today. Thats all it did. The whole day. They even closed the Village Green due to flooding :( And then the electricity went off in town. But apart from all of that...it was a lovely day filled with some excellent shows! One in particular, Batsumi was exceptional. A hauntingly beautiful tale of hunting, gathering and everything in between. Powerful and strong, yet unequivocally graceful, the dancers were astounding. A definite must see if you're around...click here for more booking information. The last 2 performances will be tomorrow at 14:00 and 18:30 in the Alec Mullins Hall.

So here's to good show's, no more rain and lots and lots of sherry tonight to keep us all warm!

Festival Fun...

Day 2, 3, 4 (and right now 5) of the Grahamstown National Arts Festival have been and gone. The weather has improved, and there is a lovely buzz in the air as people are coming and going all about town. If you are here, save yourself R65 and instead of watching the Mark Banks Comedy Show, treat yourself to a new beanie or pendant at the Village Green :)

Or indulge in something a little tastier...

If you're feeling parched...

There's even something for those of us with a sweet tooth...

There really is something for everyone here at "Amazing"...and if you're still wondering what to do to keep yourself amused why not try out one of the talks at ThinkFest, the intellectual side of the Festival. For more info on that click here. We're going to hear Zapiro's talk tomorrow...should be interesting?!

**Take Care** Clothing

Cape Town based designer Jessica Harwood launched
her label under the name 'Take Care' in Spring 2008.
Her clothing has since become known for
its simple sophistication and understated femininity.

Take Care is also around for the Grahamstown Arts Festival, if you are around and about, check out their store in Tent Number 1.
Click here for their website, and click here to visit their facebook group

The Pendant Warehouse...

Stocking some of the most lovingly hand crafted goodies I have ever come across, I now present you with...The Pendant Warehouse.

 Founded in 2005, The Pendant Warehouse is based in Vredehoek, Cape Town. 

Each pendant is carefully and oh so thoughtfully put together by the very trendy and super friendly Hanici. If you are around for the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, you just have to pop into their store. They are situated in tent number 1, close to the entrance nearest the Student Union Building. At only R80 a pop, you might just have to make more than one purchase :)
Click here to visit their website, and click here for their facebook page.


The art of Scavenging (according to a recent episode of Jerry Springor, scavenging is most definitely an art) can be a very painstakingly slow process requiring reams of patience and dedication.  And sometimes you strike gold...like Cameron did with his wooden box.

To be really successful, make friends with the scrap heap owner...he may even give you junk, *ahem* I mean potential treasures, for free!

There are 2 scrap yards in Grahamstown for you to try your luck at, Roxcell which is located just past the Golf Club on the outskirts of town and there seems to be another one nearby Roxcell (not sure exactly where) but most scrappers seem to recommend Roxcell. Have fun!

**Little Birdie**

From beanies to gloves, cup warmers to gorgeous hairbands...I couldn't help but make a few purchases! 

Here are a few delights from the lovely Robyn at Little Birdie...

If you are around for the Festival, you can check out her wares at the end of Tent Number 4. She is sharing with 3 other talented folk selling beautiful photographs and other hand made goodies :)

For more information you can contact Robyn at robyn.devilliers[at]gmail[dot]com 

Grahamstown Festival...Day 1

So, day 1 of "Amazing" has come and gone. Even the gale force winds and frequent burst of rain could do little to deter market-goers from their hunt for treasures. Here's a sneak peak of what was on offer at the Village Green Market today...

Even managed to catch a sneaky show, Tellin' Tales by Gavin Bonner...percussionist, storyteller, freestyle poet. What a treat! If you're around for the Festival, consider booking yourself a ticket. He is showing at the Monument B2 Arena, tickets cost R45. Click here for more info!

A great starts to what is hopefully going to be a *warm and sunny* week of festivities :)

Grahamstown Festival 2011!!

Starting next thursday, June 30th is the annual National Arts Festival...yipee!

To see whats showing click here for the website and click here for the facebook group to stay up to date with whats going on! 

I'm going to be here in Grahamstown for at least the first few days, so look out for some pic's and other cool stuff when the Festival kicks off next week :)