Happy Birthday to my Farmboy!

The day after we landed in Korea, my handsome hubby turned 27. In all the hustle and bustle of our move, I wasn't able to plan anything special for him (what a bad wife I am! I promise to make it up to you soon love!). We spent our first 2 days in Korea with our lovely fiends Claire and Andrew in Dajeon. Here are a few snaps before we bussed out to the province of Jeonbuk to meet our new schools and apartment.

The birthday girl and boy (who knew we would meet someone with the same birthday as Farmboy. Happy Birthday to you too Siobhan!
I love you dearly my Farmboy, this HUGE move across the oceans to Asian land would not have been possible without you. Thank you for inspiring me everyday, for challenging me, for saying no (even though it makes me mad!) for being the incredibly loving and encouraging man that you are. I love you infinity xxx

Tomorrow I'm going to do a post on our first day in our new home! Pop by again for that.
Have a lovely day readers!